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are you profiting from your website? we can help by starting from scratch and creating a strategic online presence which will tell your company's story and engage your visitors so they can act. contact us and we will analyze your company, discover your goals, and create a strategy to achieve them. start growing your business today.
who we work for
�  law firms
�  non-profit organizations
�  events
�  online merchants
�  news organizations
�  bookstores
�  small businesses
�  global companies
�  political campaigns
�  personalities
your vision, our work: a "web design" company doesn't even begin to cover us.

where do you see yourself in five years? why do people love what you offer? why do they buy your products or services? how can you convey your vision?

this is done through your story and this creates your brand. most companies and organizations don't realize they have it and those who do often don't use it. buzzcraft internet marketing helps you discover you brand and tell your story to your clients. the more your clients understand about your brand, the less work you have to do to sell your product or services to them.

we discover your brand and image by starting from scratch. often, companies have many of the branding componants in place such as their logo, or a brochure, but leveraging the possibilities on these assetts is often neglected. from your logo, graphics, and copy, cinnabar & mercury will create your brand and take it to your clients. our services don't end in the electronic realm. our clients use our creative work in other media such as stationery, radio, newspapers, and television.

to reach your audience and meet your goals, we specialize in:

complete website design, hosting, management
email marketing / newsletter management
internet marketing
marketing strategy
search engine marketing
customer relationships and service
media buying
content and creativity
database design and management

start now and contact clint gillespie to get your business started. learn more about our techniques and experience by reading our expertise, sign-up for our client newsletter with helpful tips on getting more clients and how we do it for you, and view some of our work.

some examples:
work abroad esl
bellwether forum
law & life conferences
uncle sam's plantation (book site)

bellwether forum. discovering how to target an audience and persuade them to sign up for a training course.

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