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how c&m developed and implemented a plant to attract  participants and convert them into buyers
communication process: as vague as bellwether forum sounds and as mysterious as politics is to most people, bellwether forum is growing immensely by selling information and opportunities to become involved in politics to people who don't know the difference between the two main parties of the american political system.

buzzcraft internet marketing's relationship is a testament to the power of an intriguing and captivating branding idea: how to get people involved in politics through sophistication, professionalism, and elegance.

selling politics to the average person is tough. we learned that most people say they hate politics but our research showed that those same people secretly yearn to be in the inner-circle of influence in government but don't like to call it politics, nor talk about it with their peers in the open. this is an amazing testament to intelligent branding that politics is a tough sell if you use the word "politics".

however people call it - it's still politics. this truth is the branding idea that informs every communication between bellwether forum and those who want to become involved in politics.

to express that, buzzcraft internet marketing developed a series of online campaigns to initiate contact with prospects and turn them into buyers of bellwether forum's services. to do this, buzzcraft internet marketing approached several organizations which would have the target audience as members, and also benefit from offering the political courses to its members. buzzcraft internet marketing crafted newsletters to send to their member-lists via e-mail. attached to the newsletter was a link to a mini-site for the political courses. at the site, potential students had the ability to learn more information, contact bellwether forum, and buy their space in the class. soon thereafter, reminder e-mails were generated by buzzcraft internet marketing to ensure the students that their space was reserved and helped to build excitement for the first day of class, and thus excitement about bellwether forum.

bellwether forum's online payment system, newsletter, and marketing materials helped the classes grow. we helped bellwether forum discover its strengths by creating marketing campaigns and a consistent message and image since it's development.

as bellwether forum has grown, our relationship has grown and buzzcraft internet marketing is currently designing an extensive political training site and online marketing campaign dedicated to selling those services, thereby attracting more students and affiliates across the nation and soon, the globe.

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